Beer Goggle Blackjack
The goal of this game is to get as close to 21 without going over. Try wearing beer goggles and see if you can count your cards to 21. If you can’t count to 21 with our beer goggles on, can you make a safe sex decision with your own beer goggles on?
Lucky In Love Dice Game
Sex is safer when you’re not having it. This dice game takes the ideas of craps and roulette and helps you realize if you choose to have sex, take all forms of protection. If you don’t, your chances of getting an STD or pregnant are more likely.
Texas Cond’em
A fun spin on the popular texas hold’em game makes contestants re-bet during each round of the hand known as the flop, turn, and river. We like to relate this to taking more and more risks as you become more and more sexually active.
Fact or Crap
It is easy for students to believe what they see on television and read in magazines. It is important that students understand the real facts about sexual awareness and sexual consequences. Test your knowledge of sexual facts and statistics.
5 Card Foreplay Poker
The goal of this game is to show students that the more chances you take with sex, the more chances you have at contracting an STD or becoming pregnant.
Cheaters Never Win
Trust is the foundation of any relationship. Today, a growing number of couples are taking advantage of their partners trust. This game is designed to help you realize the price of bluffing. The more you lie, the more you could lose.
Let It Ride
Intimate situations can occur and get out of hand quickly. It is important for students (male or female) to know when to get out of those situations as soon as they feel uncomfortable.
W.A.R. (Working And Raising a child)
Having a child while in college can be more than a challenge on your academic success. There are also great expenses associated with raising a child. This game highlights the financial effects of being a parent.
Just like every day BINGO! Find your numbers in a horizontal, vertical or diagonal row while also learning disturbing facts about lifes most threatening STI’s.
Up and Down the River It is important to remember that while sex can be fun, it does have consequences.