How much does the Condom Casino Tour Cost?

The condom casino tour ranges in cost between $2500 and $3500 depending on the block that your school fits into. Please call us to find what blocks are available in your area?

What brand of Condoms do you use?

Condom Casino Tour proudly distributes the One brand condom at all of our events.

Where does the Condom Casino Tour go?

The tour is national! We have been everywhere from New England to Montana, Texas to Florida and Virginia to Nevada. If your school believes in sex awareness, we will be there!

What is included in the price of the Condom Casino Tour?

The program is all inclusive. When you book the Condom Casino Tour all meals, lodging and travel are included. In addition, we help you with advertising by sending you pre-event posters TWO weeks prior to your event. All you do is fill in the time date and location. We also include up to 2,000 One brand condoms to be distributed as the night goes on. The program also lasts for up to four hours which is for added excitement and throughput.

What games are played?

Please refer to our games page on this website for a complete list of games.

Where do the facts come from?

We researched many different reputable websites to create the condom casino tour. References include the Center for Disease Control, the World Health Organization, March of Dimes and Please see our reference pages for a complete list of references from the Condom Casino Tour.